At the end of the Garnish - Point Rosie Trail is

A resettled community that refuses to die.

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Former residents of "Point Rosie" Fortune Bay, NL  

Point Rosie Visit - A Video By Bill Butt, Fortune, NL








Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, says this about Point Rosie:

'''Point Enragée''', also known as Point Rosie, is located northwest of [[Marystown, Newfoundland and Labrador|Marystown]], [[Newfoundland and Labrador]]. All residents were resettled to Garnish, Grand Bank and other Fortune Bay outports during the 1960's. It never had a road or rail link, and sometimes the Fortune Bay Nor' easters made leaving the community and getting ashore very risky to life and limb. It had a population of 168 in 1956. In 2008, the little cove is still thriving as a cabin community. It is at the end of the Garnish - Point Rosie ATV trail (http://www.townofgarnish.com/ATV%20Trail%20Page.htm) and welcomes many hundreds of visitors every year.

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