Don was born in  the small Ont. town of Brussels. He did all the things that mischievous little boys do. He grew up in a large family, now all deceased. His first job was at 6 years old, selling milk for 5 cents a week. At eighteen, he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy and in1950 while stationed in Halifax, NS, he met his wife, Anne.   After leaving the navy,  he returned to Ont. where he and his wife started their family.  In 1960, he and his family visited Newfoundland for a Christmas holiday.  Don fell in love with the place and two years latter moved here permanently,

While living in Ontario,  Don studied and received a 3rd class stationery engineer certificate and after he came to Newfoundland he earned a steam and pipe fitting certificate.

He worked in several places,  among them the construction site of The Stratford on Avon theatre, York Farms, the Grand Bank & Burin fish plants, St, Lawrence mines and his last work was at the Burin College.