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 Around Town Photos

Pardy's Point in the background


Take a hike!


Much busier when the kids get home from school


(R & R) Rest and Relax with friends during your senior years.


The Barachois - not the same at low tide.


In Memory.....


Local grocery store


St. Giles Anglican Church


Workplace for some!


Gas up and have a snack at Senior's Seaside Convenience


Second Week of August, every summer!


United Chuch


We remember those who sacrified for our freedom.


Salvation Army Citadel


You've got mail.


Our lighthouse has been replaced by the automatic, solar powered  light on the right.


There's a great view from The Lookout!


Lions Club / Fisherman's Hall


Garnish, as seen from Frenchman's Cove. Photo courtesy of Wanda Kelly


For more photos of  Garnish and Garnishers, go to