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(3) ATV Industry Needs Regulation to Grow

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The trip is the destination:   See for Yourself,

Point Rosie - to Powderhorn Trail Ride Video -

 The link below takes you to a youtube video shot be Geoff Smith of St. John's while he rode the trail summer of 2010. 


Trails of the Burin Peninsula by Geoff Smith.

Trails on the Burin Peninsula 2017



About Us

The Burin Peninsula Trailway will consist  more than 300 kilometers of  multi-purpose trail that will travel in two

complete loops, a figure 8,  around the Burin Peninsula, on Newfoundland's South Coast.  

There will be trail heads at 

several locations along Route 210, including Clam Brook  and Boat Harbour and Marystown.

 Other communities on the trail will include Garnish, Grand Bank, Fortune, Lamaline and St. Lawrence. 

All of the communities presently have trail, and

once the existing trails are linked together, and the two loops linked to the

NL T'Railway at Goobies, the Burin Peninsula Trailway will be complete. 

 See the Maps link at right for more details..

Used primarily by ATV and snowmobiles, cross country skiers and hikers will also find

the Burin Peninsula Trailway a remarkable adventure.


Mission Statement

We aim to create a unique multi-purpose trail network  that will provide a scenic and safe place for

 trail users from far and wide to enjoy the fresh air and wilderness beauty of the Burin Peninsula. 

We intend for our trailway to attract tourist to our area of Newfoundland so as to

stimulate the local tourist trade of the region.


The Burin Peninsula Trailway was created by the hard work and funding from members of local Trail Associations.   Major funding to link trails came from the National Trails Coalition (NTC) disbursing funds from the Federal Government Economic Stimulus Program detailed in the 2009 Budget.

And by the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador Dept. of  Inovation, Trade and Rural Development (INTRD) Sean Skinner, Minister

Managed by the Burin Peninsula Trailways Board Inc.

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