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Community Service Groups and churches are encouraged to contact the webmaster at 826.2290 to have your event listed here or

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  • Council Advisory - Wednesday,  Dec. 17 - Road Closed Ahead - Be advised, traffic may find delays on Pardy's Point Road before lunch on Wednesday. Council apologizes for any inconvenience.



Christmas News

(In order of Occurrence)


  • Dec. 20 - 8:30 AM - Breakfast with Santa - Sponsored by Garnish Girls' group - Garnish Community Center - Freewill donation - proceeds for Janeway Hospital...

  • Council Advisory  - Speed Recorder Data Sept. 19  through Nov. 7.   The data for the early fall is posted at the link below.   We estimate that 90 % of this traffic is ATVs headed for the bridge.  And it  is noteworthy that the vast majority of us respect the posted speed limit of 30 KPH.  It is sad to note that some ignore that on a daily basis.  


Vehicles Passings over 49  day period:   -   5 607

Average Speed for the Period -  27 KPH

Days with Maximum speed more than twice posted speed limit  - 13

Range of Maximum speeds (twice posted speed limit)  -  60  KPH to 71 KPH

Click here see the daily maximums for all days in the period. Note second last column at right. 

This data will be sent to RCMP Traffic Control.

Drivers are reminded that the posted speed limit all over Garnish is 30 KPH.

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday  - 1:30  PM - Starting Nov. 3 - Garnish Community Center - Wellness Program - The 2014 - 2015 - Garnish - Frenchman's Cove Wellness Program is  underway, Monday of next week.   There is no fee for sessions this year.  Anyone wishing to do light weights, walking, stretching, etc, indoors are invited to participate.


  • Posted October 8 - Council Advisory -  This notice to dog owners - Council has received numerous complaints related to dog owners leaving poop behind as they walk their animals around town. Some users of the Dog Park are guilty of the same offence.  We are asking all dog owners to be considerate of other walkers by picking  up after your pet.  And it is not the responsibility of Council Staff to pick up the poop left behind in the dog park.  If dog owners fail to comply, once the area becomes a health hazard, Council will have no choice but to close down the park to all users.  Your cooperation is expected and appreciated.

  • Posted October 8 -Council Advisory -  Up For Bids - Council is asking for seals bids on the property that was once was owned by Ernest John Walters.  There are issues with this small parcel of land. If you wish to know more and the minimum bid, speak to Ruth at the Town Hall or call  826.2330

  • Posted Oct. 8 - Council Advisory - Council has received no indication that the piece of land across  from the parking lot near the bridge across the Garnish River on the right side of  Water Line Road is owned by anyone.  The land is at the intersection of Waterline Road and the Long Run Trail that goes to Sunset Drive, on the right. Council intends to use that property to expand the parking lot for use by trail users coming into town and for users of the Water Park.   The land to be cleared is the piece immediately before  the Long Run Trail.   Anyone who has object to this project are asked to contact Ruth at the Town Hall at 826.2330  ASAP.  You will be asked to put your object in writing.

  • Posted Sept. 10 - Council Advisory - Wanted - volunteers to assist with planning a Come Year for 2015.  Anyone interested are asked to contact Ruth at  the Town Hall at 826.2330  ASAP.  Your help would be much appreciated.

  • 911 - The Provincial 911 emergency call system will be in place before 2014 is gone.  All residents are strongly encouraged to have your residence clearly marked with a number that can be easily read from the pavement.

    Council Office Hours for 2014


Monday   10 - 12 and 1:30 - 4

Tuesday   10 - 12 and 1:30 - 4

Wednesday   10 - 12 and 1:30 - 4

Thursday    10 - 12 and 2 - 5:30

Friday    10 - 12

The door will be unlocked when  office  hours start.



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