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Community Service Groups and churches are encouraged to contact the webmaster at 826.2290 to have your event listed here or

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  • Asking for your support  - Garnish Lions Club has opened a trust fund account in support of  Gary Warren / Patricia Legge  at the Bank of Nova Scotia, Marystown.  Early in April, Gary is to travel to Halifax for a kidney transplant with his cousin,  Patricia Legge, daughter of Bert and Dora Cluett, being the donor.  The ordeal is very expensive due to transportation and extensive stay close to hospital for Gary. Anyone wishing to make a donation can  do so at any branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia or to any member of the Garnish Lions Club.

  • AND

  • Tickets are on sale for two sets of fabulous prizes donated by local businesses  and indivuals.  Tickets are $5 each and are available from Dora and Bert Cluett and for purchase at Marystown Mall.  Draw Date is April 12 on CHCM Radio.   Your support is much appreciated.  Many thanks to those who donated the items for the First and Second Prizes

  • April 5 - Salvation Army Citadel - 7:00 PM -   Gospel Concert - You are invited to be present on Easter Sunday for a time of gospel music sung and performed by local talent, and some from out of town including  Bruce & Ray Grandy, The Garnish Girls Group, Art & Ruth Cluett, Patsy Banfield, Phil Baker, Carol Ann & Jerry Randell, Mahalia Legge, Sam Moulton, Horatio Cluett, Bella Moulton And Rowena Legge.   A free will offering will be accepted.  Mug up to follow.   

  • Fred Dodge on "How Garnish Got its Name".  It will make you smile.  See it here.

  • Council Advisory - The Provincial 911 System is now active.  Every residence in Garnish has a street address.  Your street number should be displayed where it can bee seen on the house, or at the end of the driveway.    In an emergency where minutes can mean the difference between life and death, that number might save a life, possibly your own.



  • Council Advisory - Respect signage - Council has placed signage around the Town's water supply area to protect it for all residents.  Some snowmobilers and ATVers have been ignoring the signs and driving across the ice on the pond.  In a worse case, this could lead to problems that would affect us all.  Anyone using the trail to Long Pond is expected to stay on the trail.  Please respect the signage you see in the area.  You could be saving the town a lot of trouble and expense.

  • Saturday Afternoons - 2 - 5 PM - Garnish Lions Center - Effective Feb. 14, Garnish Lions invite everyone over 19 to stop by our Lions Center for a drink, game of darts or cards or just a yarn with friends.  We hope to see you there. 


  • Council Advisory - Speed Recorder Data Since December 12  - Located near Long Run Trail at Sunset Drive

No. of Days in Period - 45

Vehicle  passings recorded - 13, 932

Percent over posted speed limit - 73

Average Speed - 41

Maximum speed recorded - 104 KPH

Number of days with at least one vehicle at twice the posted speed limit - 41

More Here!!  Notice the column at far right.

All drivers are reminded that the posted speed limit in Garnish is 30 KPH.


  • Fridays - 8 PM - Garnish Lions Center - Mixed Darts - Garnish Lions will be hosting a weekly evening of mixed darts for 19 and over starting this coming Friday.  Come along for some friendly competition with friends and support a good cause at the same time. 

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday  - 1:30  PM - Starting Nov. 3 - Garnish Community Center - Wellness Program - The 2014 - 2015 - Garnish - Frenchman's Cove Wellness Program is  underway, Monday of next week.   There is no fee for sessions this year.  Anyone wishing to do light weights, walking, stretching, etc, indoors are invited to participate.


  • Posted October 8 - Council Advisory -  This notice to dog owners - Council has received numerous complaints related to dog owners leaving poop behind as they walk their animals around town. Some users of the Dog Park are guilty of the same offence.  We are asking all dog owners to be considerate of other walkers by picking  up after your pet.  And it is not the responsibility of Council Staff to pick up the poop left behind in the dog park.  If dog owners fail to comply, once the area becomes a health hazard, Council will have no choice but to close down the park to all users.  Your cooperation is expected and appreciated.

  • Posted October 8 -Council Advisory -  Up For Bids - Council is asking for seals bids on the property that was once was owned by Ernest John Walters.  There are issues with this small parcel of land. If you wish to know more and the minimum bid, speak to Ruth at the Town Hall or call  826.2330

  • Posted Oct. 8 - Council Advisory - Council has received no indication that the piece of land across  from the parking lot near the bridge across the Garnish River on the right side of  Water Line Road is owned by anyone.  The land is at the intersection of Waterline Road and the Long Run Trail that goes to Sunset Drive, on the right. Council intends to use that property to expand the parking lot for use by trail users coming into town and for users of the Water Park.   The land to be cleared is the piece immediately before  the Long Run Trail.   Anyone who has object to this project are asked to contact Ruth at the Town Hall at 826.2330  ASAP.  You will be asked to put your object in writing.


    Council Office Hours for 2015


Monday   10 - 12 and 1:30 - 4

Tuesday   10 - 12 and 1:30 - 4

Wednesday   10 - 12 and 1:30 - 4

Thursday    10 - 12 and 2 - 5:30

Friday    10 - 12

The door will be unlocked when  office  hours start.



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