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From August 19 Meeting

August. 20 - The Garnish Volunteer Fire Department will be conducting training exercises this evening.  Prepare for some discoloured water all over town.  We regret any inconvenience.


  • Council regrets to inform the 30 applicants that the request for funding for the inline pumps was unsuccessful.  Whereas we do not have the funding to cover this expense, the program has been deferred until the next budget year.  If you have already purchased, keep your receipt and you will be reimbursed once we have found the necessary funding.


  • The deadline to have raw sewage waste running into the Barrisway from Barrisway Road is fast approaching.  Council intends soon to place armour stone  at one section of the cement wall that is falling into the barrisway.  Other sections will be repaired the same way as funding becomes available.  This will happen starting Sept. 1  If your sewer pipe is somewhere along that wall, you are reminded that it needs to be gone ASAP or else you may have a serious problem. 


  • Fisherpersons are asked to remove the bait boxes from where they now close to the Harbour.  They are on Council property and the Harbour Authority has requested that they be moved.  After Oct. 1, Council will move them at owner's expense.


From Earlier Council Meetings


  • Rat Problem.  - These rodents have been seen and caught in several parts of Garnish.  Council has hired a pest control officer to remove them.  There are several things we all can do to decrease the possibility of these rodents in your neighbourhood.

1.   Place all garbage, particularly kitchen waste, in your Waste Management Green Tub.

2.  Pick up ALL of your dog doo where ever it gets dropped.  This includes the dog part.  That facility is not

intended for your dog to leave deposits.  (We know who you are).  Do show some consideration for

your dog-owner friends by keeping that ground free of your dog poo, which attracts rats.

3.  Do  not leave any pet food outside.


  • Sewage in Barrisway - Council, Town of Garnish is asking all households that have untreated waste running in the Barrachois to stop doing so by August 30, 2019.  You may either hook your sewage line into the Town Sewage system or install a septic tank and disposal field.  Pipes running into the Barrachois will be plugged anytime after Sept. 1, 2019.


  • Posted Nov. 18 - Land Available - Measuring 150 feet frontage on Pardy's Point Road, next to Harvey and Linda Cluett's residence.  Good for one large lot or 2 smaller ones.  Contact Ruth at 826.2330 for more particulars.

  • . Council Office Hours for 2016.


    Monday   9- 12 and 1:00 - 4

    Tuesday   9- 12 and 1:00 - 4

    Wednesday   9- 12 and 1:00 - 4

    Thursday    19- 12 and 1:00 - 4

    Friday    9  - 12





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