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Community Service Groups and churches are encouraged to contact the webmaster at 826.2290 to have your event listed here or

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  • Mondays - 7:30  - Chase the Ace is coming to Garnish - Mondays, 7:30 to 8:30 at the Garnish Community Center - All procceds in aid of the Garnish Playground and Recreation Committee.

  • Garnish Volunteer Fire Dept now has Grand in the Hand tickets for sale.
    Tickets: $10 each
    Draw date: June 30, 2016
    To purchase tickets contact please contact Bonnie Intveld or any of our fireman. There are 350 tickets printed. Good luck to all who purchase and thank you for your ongoing support. We are getting closer to our goal.
    This is a licensed lottery.

  • Posted  May 6 - Notice to Members of Garnish - Point Rosie Trail Association - Anyone who has lobster tickets unsold and do not intend to buy should return them to Denise or Tracey, ASAP.  We have buyers. Please return tickets or payment ASAP.  If you not return them we, we expect payment in full. 

  •  May 4, 2016   - Anyone who is over 55 and is interested in staying in Garnish after they  downsize from their present family home, are encouraged to return the Senior Retirement Accommodation Form to Council Office ASAP.  This is a process to collect information to determine is if there is a need for such accommodation in Garnish.  The information collected will be presented to investors who will, hopefully, be  convinced that there is a market, and be persuaded to come here and develop residential units.  Council's involvement will be no more than to expedite the development process, perhaps going as far as to donate land already owned by the Town to  the investor.  The Town owns land on Sunset Drive near the Lions Center and on Pardy's Point Road. This process has absolutely nothing to do with any member presently sitting on Council.  This might be our last best chance to create opportunities for Garnishers to stay in town well after we are too old to shovel snow or mow grass.  If  this might be you, now, or ten years from now, please consider returning the form to Ruth without delay.

    Committee Members:

    Walter Cluett

    Elroy Grandy

    Jessie Ann Marsh

    Ann Moulton

    Keith Senior

  • Council Advisory - Mayor and Council are very concerned at the news below.  If Garnish is to have a public library closer than Marystown after next year, Council will have to find the funds to keep open the one now in our Council Building. This will mean taking funds away from some other project or service that needs it, or a raise in taxes.   We encourage residents to state their opposition to the closure by contacting the Provincial Government as stated below. 


  • Garnish Library Slated for Closure:  Here is your chance to make your opinion known - In case you have not heard, the Provincial Government plans to close the Garnish Library next year.    Two comments below posted from Facebook might encourage you to state your objection.

Carlson Stella Grandy I am amazed at how Mr. Kirby is trying to convince us that closing our library in Garnish and having us go to Marystown to avail of the library there is a positive story. Meanwhile, him and his government will add close to twenty cents on a liter of gasoline which will negatively impact the amount of driving that we will do. It would be much better if they had taken the pot of money that was left for public libraries and reduced the hours that they were open. At least we still would have the service in OUR community. I am not buying what Mr. Kirby is trying to sell us regarding library services. I am calling on our MHA to come and meet with the people of this community so that she can take our concerns back to Dale Kirby, Dwight Ball, and Cathy Bennett. To do nothing will indicate your commitment to the people of this community


Elroy Grandy Everyone who enjoys reading should follow Carlson's lead. We can contact our MHA at carolannehaley@gov.nl.ca and the Minister of Education at dalekirby@gov.nl.ca

The Southern Gazette Story is at


  • Posted April 26 - Wanted - Council, Town of Garnish, is looking for  members to serve on a Tidy Towns Committee.  If you have the time and the interest, please contact Ruth at Town Hall ASAP.


  • From Garnish Volunteer Fire Department:

Hi All!
Your Fire Department is planning their 2nd Annual Golf Tournament early in the summer of 2016. Get your golf clubs out get your teams organized and plan for a fun day in support of our new fire truck. We are almost there and it's because of supporters like all of you. Last year our first tournament was a great success.  We hope to have the same this year.
Posters and details will be posted when details are confirmed.

Your Fire Department

  • Posted Nov. 18 - Land Available - Measuring 150 feet frontage on Pardy's Point Road, next to Harvey and Linda Cluett's residence.  Good for one large lot or 2 smaller ones.  Contact Ruth at 826.2330 for more particulars.

  • . Council Office Hours for 2016.


    Monday   9- 12 and 1:00 - 4

    Tuesday   9- 12 and 1:00 - 4

    Wednesday   9- 12 and 1:00 - 4

    Thursday    19- 12 and 1:00 - 4

    Friday    9  - 12

Council Advisory - Posted Nov. 2 - Garnish Community Center - 1 PM - The Garnish - Frenchman's Cove Wellness Program is underway for this season.   Because of no funding from the Provincial Government, Council is asking for a $5 monthly registration fee.   Melissa Grandy  is our new Program Coordinator.  She will carry on  a program of stretching, light weights and walking,  much the same as Sandy Mason did in previous years.  Council is pleased to be able to provide this indoor space for oldsters to socialize and exercise. 

  • Council Advisory - Notice to Land Owners - Council has made  a Crown Lands Application for all the land between Long Run Trail (Goes to Sunset Drive from the  Water Park) on the same side of Waterline Road as far as the rock beside the Road.  Because no one is paying taxes on that property, and because the land has not been improved for the past twenty years, Council has the right to make application.  Anyone who makes claim to any of the land in question should contact Ruth at the Town Hall ASAP.


  • Council has made  a Crown Lands Application for all the land between the Lions Club Property and the Town Boundary on the Ridge to Frenchman's Cove.  Because no one is paying taxes on that property, and because the land has not been improved for the past twenty years, Council has the right to make application.  Anyone who makes claim to any of the land in question should contact Ruth at the Town Hall ASAP.

  • Property Owner Advisory -  If you claim to own land within town limits, and it is not registered with the town for Tax purposes, you should do so  immediately.   Any properties that are not registered, presently not being taxed, and which has not been occupied or improved in anyway since 1994 is about to become the subject of a Crown Land Application by the town.



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